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How do you manage your passwords ?

Are you using spreadsheets? Text files? Well, you don't have to anymore!

myPMS is a free password management application which will require you to remember only one password making the management of your important passwords simple.

How does it work ?

myPMS is a web-based password management application which means it can be accessed from anywhere. It uses simple HTML, PHP and a MySQL database to store your passwords.
Application requirements

  • A web server such as Apache with PHP module (any version)
  • SSL module if you wish to run application using HTTPS (optional)
  • MySQL database (any version)


  • Search by host name or drop-down list
  • Capability to store application and host associated with password
  • Date inserted stored
  • Who inserted or updated password stored
  • Unlimited password history
  • "Invisible" password until mouse curser hovers over password
  • Fade to blank page after 60 seconds for additional security
  • Database creation using simple MySQL batch file
  • HTTPS (SSL) capability if you require